One and All are invited to get on board for an expedition into uncharted Cornish language waters! Go Cornish will be hosting a series of free events and activities initially anchored at the Admiral Benbow in Penzance, but venturing out and about around the whole town.

The preparations for the adventure begin with a ‘Cornish Crew’ of beginners and learners meeting up to talk, drink and sing every Monday evening from January 14th until February 25th (excluding half term – 18th February) in the Admiral Benbow, Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AF.

Each evening starts at 7pm with ‘Keskows Diwotti’ (Pub Chat): learning just enough Cornish to help you order, share and enjoy food and drinks. The evening then continues from 8pm with ‘Kana Diwotti’ (Pub Singing): learning simple songs in Cornish. Combined, these sessions provide everything needed to enjoy a good night out in Kernewek.

Suitable for complete beginners or those who already have some Cornish, no registration or booking is needed: anyone is welcome to drop in for an evening of free fun.

On the evening of Sat 2nd March a ‘Singing Expedition’ will navigate its way around the hostelries of Penzance, with everyone welcome to come and enjoy songs in Cornish (songs sheets provided if you would like to join in).

“Kaner drog? Nag os marner? Heb Kernewek? Perfydh. Omjunyewgh gans Kap’n Pellew.”

“Can’t sing? Never been to sea? Don’t speak any Cornish? Perfect. Kap’n Pellew needs YOU!”

Will Coleman – Director, Go Cornish

‘Para Kernewek Pennsans’ (Penzance Cornish Crew)

“We are inspired by Admiral Pellew’s ‘Cornish Crew’ of 1793,” said Will Coleman, Director of Go Cornish. “They were eighty Cornish-speaking tin miners who had never set foot on a boat! In 1793, John Gaze, master’s mate to Kap’n Pellew described the them by saying “they struck terror wherever they went and seemed like an irruption of barbarians, dressed in the mud-stained smock-frocks and trowsers in which they worked underground, all armed with large clubs and speaking an uncouth jargon (Cornish) which none but themselves could understand”. Now we are recruiting our own ‘Cornish Crew’ of land-lubbers and sea-dogs alike – anyone who is up for the adventure!”

‘Trovyans Tresor Teylu’ (Family Treasure Trail)

Saturday 2nd March 2019 will also see the culmination of Go Cornish’s work in ten Penzance schools. That afternoon pupils and families will be invited to pursue a Treasure Quest, visiting artworks and exhibits created in shops and businesses around the town, ending up with a Cakey Tea.


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