On 31st January 2019, we officially launched our new Go Cornish platform aimed at engaging a new demographic of non-Cornish speakers.

Those who joined with us to celebrate witnessed the unveiling of our Go Cornish bus departure lounge in Truro, and bespoke Go Cornish-branded double decker bus parked on Lemon Quay (both created in partnership with First Kernow). We had Cornish music from Neil Davey and Jen Dyer, bilingual presentations from Director of Golden Tree Productions, Will Coleman, and Cornish Language Officer for Go Cornish, Pol Hodge. All in addition to delicious saffron buns and Cornish teas and coffees in the Old Ale House.

‘Kernewek’ is a rich treasure trove

“Ow triga yn Kernow, ass on ni feusik kavos yeth teg teythyek, agan honan. Kernewek yw tresorva rych rag pobel a bub oos dhe vos rann anedhi. Ni a wayt bos agan gwiasva Go Cornish kavadow yn tien dhe beub neb a vynn dyski po adhyski an yeth kernewek, ny vern aga oos, keyndir po soodh.”

“Living in Cornwall, we are so fortunate to have our own beautiful, indigenous language. Kernewek is a rich treasure trove for people of all ages to engage with. We hope that our Go Cornish website feels fully accessible to all that want to learn or teach the Cornish language, no matter what their age, background or day job.”

— Will Coleman, Director of Golden Tree

Magi Ann Kernewek

Also available to download via the Go Cornish site is the Magi Ann app, funded by the National Lottery. The Magi Ann stories were originally written by Mena Evans to help young children and their families learn Welsh. These stories were developed into a prize-winning app by Menter Iaith Fflint. Now, Go Cornish has translated Magi Ann into Cornish to help the next generation of Cornish speakers get off to a flying start.


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