With the days getting longer, the daffodils blooming and the shops filling up with Easter eggs it can only mean one thing – time to eat lots of chocolate!

We’ve put together some handy phrases to get you through the Easter season in Cornish. If you click on the links below, you can hear the Cornish language being spoken. A very ‘Pask Lowen!’ (Happy Easter!) from all of us here at Go Cornish.

Torthellow krows tomm
Hot cross buns

Yma gwenton omma
Spring is here

Na wra dybri re a jocklet
Don’t eat too much chocolate

Ottomma an Koninik Pask
Here’s the Easter Bunny

Oyow bryjys kales
Hard boiled eggs

Pask Lowen!
Happy Easter!

Helgh oy Pask
Easter egg hunt


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