One of the best places for my wife and I is Holywell Bay. Why? Well, not because Poldark was filmed there. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the biggest concern is parking.

In the middle of the summer, Perranporth is awful busy with every car park full and every space in the street taken. In Holywell Bay there’s an adequately large carpark, run by The National Trust, and as we are members it’s easy to park.

Always there appears to be a space because perhaps of the long walk, about a quarter of a mile to the water. But this is the thing, it’s great to walk amongst the towans, beside the little stream up to a marvellous view of the two islands – a view from everywhere else shows only one island. This is the reason that we know the place that Poldark was filmed.

But the best for me is St Cubert’s Cave. Some mis-name it as St Cuthbert Cave but never mind that. If there’s a low tide and after walking along the wide flat beach, one can go inside. Now, it’s not like many caves in Cornwall, this cave is long, so long that you need a light. OK without reading this you might not have a flaming torch but you might have a mobile phone and hence a light source.

So, half way in, one wonders if this is a cave or a zawn. Continuing and there’s an answer: stalagmites and stalactites and the sound of water dripping on rock – there’s a purpose to the tunnel. And the taste of the water, it’s not salty like the pools and the sea, it’s fresh and sweet and cool. This is St Cubert’s holy well.

Far away in what is today Wales, there was a kingdom called Cardigan (‘Ceredigion’ in Welsh). Its king was old, very old and with the kingdom under threat the people really wanted to have the young prince to be the new king – and save their land. His name was Carantoc and he wasn’t a soldier at all! He was a good Christian and after praying for an answer he went to the coast and met Cubert who was living in a cave. Crantoc and Cubert came to Kernow to spread their Christian faith. Today, there are two parishes; Crantock and Cubert, one next to the other, on the north coast of Kernow.

So, with a splendid view of headlands and towans and surf with a marvellous reviving walk, especially if you take off shoes and socks and paddle through the spent waves and taste the magic water from St Cubert’s well in his holy cave, Cornish mythology and perhaps the best views in Britain come together. Stories and place combine to give a special time indeed.

There are many places like this in our country so my advice to you is this; if you have enough energy you must take the opportunity to visit places of this sort or better still be part of the story and be part of the land.

Onan an gwella leow gans ow gwreg ha my yw treth Porth Heylyn. Prag? Well, drefen nag yw an treth mayth o fylmys Poldark. Yma lies reson rag hemma ha martesen an onan moyha a vern yw parkyans.

Yn kres an Hav Porthperan yw euthyk bysi gans pub park kerri leun ha pub spas yn stret kemerys. Yn Porth Heylyn yma park kerri bras lowr, restrys gans Trest Kenedhlek, ha ni bos eseli es dhe barkya.

Pub prys yma spas dell hevel martesen awos bos kerdh hir, a-dro dhe gwarter mildir dhe’n dowr. Mes homm yw unn dra pur dha yn y gever, yth yw splann kerdhes ‘mysk an tewynnow, ryb an gover byghan dhe vos er bynn gwel marthys an dhiw enys – gwel dyworth pub le aral a dhyskwedh bos saw unn enys. Hemm yw acheson ni dhe wodhvos bos poran an tyller mayth o fylmys Poldark.

Mes an gwella genev vy yw Gogo Sen Kubert. Nebes a wra hy hammhenwel avel Gogo Sen Kuthbert mes ny vern a henna. Mars eus mordrik ha wosa kerdhes a-hys treth ledan, kompes y hyllir mos a-ji. Lemmyn, nag yw avel lies gogo aral yn Kernow, an ogo ma yw hir, mar hir yma edhom a wolow. OK heb redya hemma na via torchen flamya genowgh mes y fia klappkodh genowgh ha rag henna fenten a wolow.

Ytho, hanter fordh ynni, y hyllir omwovyn mars yw hemma gogo po saven. Ow pesya hag yma an gorthyp; stalagtitys ha kroglennow ha son a dhowr ow tryppya war garrek – yma porpos rag kowfordh. Ha blas an dowr, nyns yw holanek kepar ha pollow ha’n mor, yth yw fresk ha hweg ha yeyn. Homm o fenten sans Sen Kubert.

Pell a-ves yn pyth yw Kembra hedhyw, yth esa gwlaskor, Kardigion hy hanow, (Ceredigion yn Kembrek). Hy myghtern o koth, pur goth ha gans an wlaskor yn-dann wodros yth esa meur a hwans dh’y fobel kavos pennsevik yowynk bos myghtern nowydh – ha selwel aga bro. Y hanow o Karansek ha nag o ev soudor vyth oll! Kristyon da o ev ha wosa pysi rag kavos gorthyp, yth eth dhe’n arvor ha metya er bynn Kubert neb esa ow triga yn gogo. Karansek ha Kubert a dheuth dhe Gernow rag lesa aga fydh Kristyon. Hedhyw, yma diw bluw; Lanngorrek hag Egloskubert, unn ryb hy ben, war arvor kledh a Gernow.

Ytho, gans gwel splann a bennow-tir ha tewynnow ha mordardh gans kerdh marthys dasserghus, yn arbennek mar kwre’ ta diwiska eskisyow ha lodrow ha lagya dre vordonnow spenys ha blasa dowr hudel dyworth fenten Sen Kubert yn y ogo sans, henhwedhonieth kernewek ha’n martesen an gwella gwelyow yn Breten a dheu war-barth. Hwedhlow ha tyller a gemmysk dhe ri termyn arbennek yn hwir.

Yma lies le avel hemma y’gan gwlas ni ytho ow hussul dhiso jy yw hemma; mar pe nerth lowr genes res yw dhis kemeres chons vysytya tylleryow an par ma po gwella hwath bydh rann an hwedhel ha bydh rann an tir.


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