With so many cat names out there, how do you pick the perfect one for your furry friend?

You want a name that reflects the personality and characteristics of your cat, whilst standing out from other pets in your neighbourhood. To help you decide, we’ve put together some Cornish language ideas that will give your cat’s name an extra special meaning.

One option is to use the Cornish equivalent of an English first name. If your cat is a queen (female), you could pick something like ‘Katel’ (Catherine), ‘Lowenna’ (Joy), ‘Budhik’ (Victoria) or ‘Maria’ (Mary). For toms (male cats) you could go with ‘Davydh’ (David), ‘Gawen’ (Gavin), ‘Jori’ (George) or ‘Pedrek’ (Petroc).

You may want to name your cat after a Cornish saint. ‘Asennor’ was the patron of Zennor, ‘Karansek’ was a patron of Newquay and ‘Ia’ was the patron of St Ives. For more human first name ideas that you could adapt for your cat, have a read of our ‘What’s my name in Cornish’ article.

It could be fun to base your cat’s name on a physical attribute. For example, if your cat is fluffy you could call it ‘Blewek’ or if it’s got white paws you could call it ‘Lodrow’ (socks). If your pet is the most beautiful of all, you could go with ‘Tekka’ (most beautiful).

Finally, you could pick something completely random that is playful and full of character. Maybe your cat loves fish? Why not go for ‘Brithel’ (mackerel). Or maybe she keeps scratching your furniture, in which case ‘Dreysen’ (bramble) could be a good fit. One of the Go Cornish team has called his cat ‘Tikki Duw’ (butterfly) because of her tortoiseshell colouring.

For more Cornish language name ideas, download the PDF below. We’d love to know if you’ve used this article to name your moggie! Drop us a line with a photo of your cat and we’ll share it on our social media channels.


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Some cat name ideas for your furry friend.


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