In October, Cornwall was admitted to CONIFA. What is CONIFA? Well, CONIFA is the confederation of football associations that aren’t members of FIFA. There are more than fifty members of CONIFA. They are a mixture of nations, de-facto nations, ethnic groups and stateless peoples.

Perhaps, some of the members will be familiar to you. For example, Greenland, the Isle of Mann, Kurdistan or Tibet. However, there are many less familiar members. For example, ethnic Koreans in Japan, Matabeleland and Nice. Karpatalya were the winners of the 2018 World Cup. Karpatalya are ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine. That World Cup was held in London.

It was announced in April 2019 that Cornwall will play their first international game in May. They will play against Barawa. Where is Barawa you ask? I had to Google it, of course. Barawa is a town and region in South-West Somalia. The majority of their team is made up of members of the Somali diaspora living in England. Barawa come to Truro city’s stadium on the twenty fifth of May.

After that, Kernow will play in the Atlantic Heritage Cup in Yorkshire in June against the Isle of Mann, Parishes of Jersey and Yorkshire. There is a chance there for Cornwall to qualify for the next world cup which will be held in Somaliland next year. I would love to see Cornwall play in a world cup. Perhaps, they can win it.

Some more information about Cornwall’s entrance into international football. The anthem will be Cornwall My Home by Harry Glasson and the mascot will be Denzel. Denzel is a Cornish game bird which is a much-loved breed in the United States but it is rare in Cornwall itself.

Written by Ashley Taylor, the Language and Cultural Liaison Officer at Kernow FA.

Yn mis Du, y feu Kernow amyttys dhe CONIFA. Pyth yw CONIFA? Well, CONIFA yw an keskeffrysek a gowethasow peldroos ma nag yw esel a FIFA. Yma moy ages deg ha dew-ugens esel yn CONIFA. Yth yns i kemmysk a genedhlow, kenedhlow de-facto, minorytys ethnek po tus heb stat.

Martesen, nebes an eseli a vydh aswonys dhywgh, rag ensampel, Glasenys, Manow, Kurdistan po Tibet. Mes yma lies esel le aswonys, rag ensampel, yma’n dus Korean a Nihon, Matebeledir ha Nice. Karpatalya a veu an waynyoryon a’n Hanaf Bys CONIFA yn diw vil etek. Karpatalya yw Hungaryans trigys yn Ukreyn. An Hanaf bys na a veu synsys yn Loundres.

Y feu deklarys yn mis Ebrel diw vil ha nownsek, Kernow a wra gwari aga hynsa fytt keswlasek yn mis Me. I a wra gwari er bynn Barawa. Ple’ma Barawa ty a wovyn? Res o dhymm Googleya, heb mar. Barawa yw tre ha ranndir yn Somali Soth-West. An moyha a’ga fara yw eseli an diaspora Somali trigys yn Pow Sows. Barawa a dheu dhe sportva cita Truru dhe’n pympes war’n ugens mis Me.

Wosa henna, y hwra Kernow gwari yn Hanaf Ertach Atlantek yn Pow Evrek yn mis Metheven er bynn Manow, Pluwyow a Jersenys ha Pow Evrek. Yma chons ena dhe Gernow rag kwalifia an nessa Hanaf Bys may fydh yn Somalidir nessa bledhen. My a garsa gweles Kernow gwari yn hanaf bys. Martesen, i a allsa y waynya.

Nebes moy kedhlow a-dro dhe Gernow hag y entrans yn peldroos keswlasek. An anthem yw Kernow Ow Thre gans Harry Glasson hag an maskot yw Denzel. Denzel yw edhen-gam kernewek mayth yw eghen gerys da a yar yn Statys Unys mes yth yw tanow yn Kernow y honan.

Skrifys gans Ashley Taylor, Sodhek Yeth ha Kevren Wonisogethek dhe FA Kernow.


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