Wondering how to best thank your old pop this Father’s Day? We’ve put together some Cornish language phrases to give you a helping hand. Click on the links below to hear the spoken audio, or write them in your Father’s Day card.

Dydh Tas Lowen!
Happy Father’s Day!

Gwella tas y’n bys
World’s best dad

War-barth ni a yll rewlya an galaksi avel tas ha mab
Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son
– Star Wars

Tas niver onan a’n vledhen
Number one father of the year

Nevra nyns os ta re goth rag edhom a’th tas
You’re never too old to need your dad

Tas, ty yw onan a’m gwella kerens genev vy
Dad, you’re one of my favourite parents

An den, an myth, an henhwedhel
The man, the myth, the legend

Gesyow euthyk. An gwella Tas.
Worst jokes. Best dad.

Dydh Tas Lowen, den koth
Happy Father’s Day, old man


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