So, this is something about perhaps the most special place in Cornwall. I don’t go there with my wife but with another lady – oo er missus! Her name is Lady Loe and she is a Cornish pilot gig, (a plastic one but she is beautiful).

I’m a member of Truru River Rowing Club. And every Wednesday I go rowing in Lady Loe. I’m too old and too unfit these days so every Wednesday the ‘coffee crew’ leaves Loe Beach to row and visit stunningly beautiful and very special places.

One of them is St Just Pool, not in St Just-in-Penwith but St Just-in-Roseland – we don’t row all around Lizard and Lands End. To go to St Just Pool there needs to be good weather and the tide has to exactly right. But these are matters for the Cox.

So, the weather was good and there was a high tide and I was rowing with five others – in time for three quarters of an hour. “And power down but keep the same rate, with your strokes” said the Cox as we approach St Just Creek. After a minute we were in water that was shallow enough as we saw the creek itself. It’s fine but small.

“Bow side ease off” and Lady Loe turns herself to the right over the bar. “Easy!” and as smooth as a fish, Lady Loe slips into St Just Pool. There aren’t ugly new houses here but boathouses – a bit rough but real. In front of us is St Just Church right by the water, so close one can shake hands with the vicar.

Now for those who don’t know, St Just-in-Penwith is Lannust and St Just-in-Roseland is Lannsiek, (Preist’s Cove near St Just-in-Penwith is Porth Ust and Gorran Haven is Porthust near St Austell).

As I was rowing in seat number three, my partner asked, “Why does a Cornish gig have six oars?”

“Because six oars are enough for a boat thirty two foot long’ I said.

“Well, why is a Cornish gig thirty-two foot long?” says she.

Now, I know about Treffry but I tell this story…

The King of Cornwall, Gerens was his name, went to join the other Britons to throw the Angles out of Britain. But he was wounded and so badly that he returned to Cornwall to die and have the last rights from Saint Teilo.

As the King was dying, the people gathered all the gold in Cornwall. There was a plan to build a boat for the burial of King Gerens but there wasn’t much gold, (most of it was traded to Ireland). There was enough to make a boat thirty-two foot long – but with the six oars made of silver.

So, the people of Cornwall rowed their dead king in a golden boat with six silver oars across Gerrans Bay to be buried under Carne Barrow. After that all the best boats were made thirty-two foot long and with six oars.

St Just Pool is indeed a magical place and the most magical way to go there is to row in a Cornish pilot gig. Thanks to Lady Loe.

Ytho, hemm yw neppyth a-dro dhe dyller martesen an moyha arbennek yn Kernow. My a wra mos ena nag yw gans ow gwreg mes gans benyn aral – ou err mestres! Hy hanow yw Lady Loe ha hi yw skath lewyader kernewek, (onan plastek mes teg yw hi).

Esel Kowethas Revya Avon Truru ov vy. Ha pub dy’ Mergher y hwrav mos rag revya yn Lady Loe. Re goth ha re anyagh ov vy rag resek yn dedhyow ma ytho pub Mergher, y hwra an ‘para koffi’ gasa Treth Logh rag revya ha vysytya tylleryow marthys teg ha pur arbennek.

Onan anedha yw Poll Sen Ust, nag usi Lannust mes Lannsiek – ny wren ni revya oll a-dro Lysardh ha Penn an Wlas. Dhe vos dhe Boll Sen Ust yma edhom a gewer dha ha res bos an mordid poran gwiw. Mes maters a’n par ma yw ervirans Lewyader.

Ytho, an gewer o da hag yth esa morlanow hag yth esen vy ow revya gans pymp den aral – hag oll war-barth – yn termyn rag tri-kwarter our. “And power down but keep the same rate, with your strokes” yn-medh agan Lewyader ha ni ow nesa an skathow yn Kilen Sen Ust. Wosa mynysen yth esen ni yn dowr bas lowr hag ow kweles an gilen hy honan. Teg yw mes byghan.

“Bow side ease off” ha Lady Loe a omdreylyas dhe’n dyghow dres an barr. “Easy!” ha mar leven avel pysk, Lady Loe a slynk a-berth yn Poll Sen Ust. Nyns eus chiow nowydh hagar omma mes skathjiow – nebes garow mes gwir. A-ragon yma Eglos Sen Ust poran ryb an dowr, mar ogas y hyllir shackya leuv gans an pronter.

Lemmyn rag nebes ny wor, St Just-in-Penwith is Lannust ha St Just-in-Roseland yw Lannsiek, (Priest’s Cove ogas dhe Lannust yw Porth Ust ha Gorran Haven yw Porthust ogas Sen Austel).

Ha my ow revya yn esedh niver tri, ow hespar yn esedh niver peswar a wovynnas ‘Prag yth yw gyg kernewek gans hwegh rev?’.

‘Awos bos hwegh rev lowr rag skath dewdhek troshys war’n ugens hy hirder’ yn-medhav vy.

‘Well, prag yth yw gyg Kernewek dewdhek troshys war’n ugens hy hirder?’ yn-medh hi.

Lemmyn, y hwonn vy a-dro dhe’n Treffry mes y lavarav an hwedhel ma…

Myghtern a Gernow, Gerens o y hanow, eth dhe omjunya gans Brythonyon erel rag tewlel a-ves Angelyon dyworth Breten. Mes goliys o ev ha mar dhrog may tehwelis ev dhe Gernow rag merwel ha kavos an diwettha devosow dyworth Sen Teylo.

Ha’n myghtern ow merwel, y kuntelas an bobel oll an owr yn Kernow. Yth esa towlen drehevel skath owrek rag ynkleudhya Myghtern Gerens mes nyns esa meur a owr, (brassa rann o kenwerthys dhe Iwerdhon). Yth esa lowr dhe wul skath dewdhek tros-hys war’n ugens hir – mes gans an hwegh rev gwrys a arghans.

Ytho, an bobel a Gernow a revyas aga myghtern marow yn skath owrek gans hwegh rev arghans dre Vaya Gerens dhe vos ynkleudhys yn-dann Grug Karn. Wosa henna oll an gwella skathow a veu gwrys dewdhek troshys war’n ugens yn hirder ha gans hwegh rev.

Poll Sen Ust yw tyller hudel yn hwir ha’n fordh moyha hudel mos di yw revya yn gyg lewyader kernewek. Meur ras dhe Lady Loe.


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