Wales – our big sister to the north.

Everybody knows all about the similarity between Cornish and Welsh… however with common simple sayings this is not the case;

‘Dydh da’ is ‘Helo’, Fatla genes? ‘Sut wyt ti?’, Pur dha Da ‘iawn’ … mmm… it’s not that close.

Perhaps this trip to the Eiseddfod wouldn’t be that easy.  We were on our way to Llanrwst in North Wales and I was an official representative for the Gorsedd of Cornwall at Gorsedd Cymru.  However, when we were there, everything was fine with the warmth of the welcome.  People were happy for us to be at the Eiseddfod and happier when we said we were from Cornwall and happier still when they found out we were Cornish speakers.

With all the Welsh spoken around, I learned; that Welsh is an extremely lively language, people are happy for us to have a go at speaking it and there is an atmosphere of confidence with this tongue.

One point of confidence for me is the use of all the English language loan words; ‘siop’ for shop, ‘pinc’ pink, ‘lôn’ lane, ‘bws’ bus, ‘toiled’ toilet, etc.  I say confidence because the Cornish language is afraid of being drowned by the English language.  We are a revived language and this fear is more like paranoia!  Do we really need to have every single word so different from English? This is a matter for the Akademi Kernewek – indeed, a small group of people but this is so because there isn’t a huge group of Cornish speakers.  There is an English saying, ‘a big fish in a small pond’.  But with Welsh there are big fish and they are in a shoal here at Eiseddfod.

It was a great honour to be a Cornish ambassador and with that I had to be at ‘Swyddfa y’r Eiseddfod’ (Eiseddfod Office) early in order to robe for the ceremonies.  Amongst all the druids (white robes), bards (blue robes), and ovates (green robes) there was a dance group and one of them recognised me. Rhian Angharad Davies from the Magi Ann team – the brilliant app for teaching young children.  Our Magi Ann app is very good because it’s easy for adults without any Cornish at all to teach their kids.

How marvellous it was to see a good friend and we were part of a Welsh Gorsedd ceremony. And it was good to come across Rhian so far from home.  Was the Eiseddfod a cultural high-point of some foreign land or another part of our land?

As I was seated with the Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow in the circle of the Welsh Gorsedd we were listening to the Archdruid’s speech.  In truth I didn’t understand much but then I heard, “Say Something in Welsh”.  There’s VAT on Welsh language resources but not on English language resources.

But again the Say Something in Cornish course comes from friends in Wales, Aran Jones, (one of the creators of Say Something In).  This business is essential to language learning all over the world and also a big supporter of Cornish.

There are more stories still but ‘diloch yn fawr iawn’ to everyone in the Eiseddfod, it was good for the Celtic soul.

Kembra – agan hwor vras dhe’n kledh.

Pubhuni a wor oll a-dro dhe’n hevelepter yntra Kernewek ha Kembrek… mes gans lavaryow kemmyn sempel nyns yw hemma an kas;

Dydh da yw ‘Helo,’ Fatla genes? ‘Sut wyt ti?’, Pur dha Da ‘iawn’… mmm… nyns yw mar ogas.

Martesen ny via an viaj ma dhe’n Eiseddfod mar es.  Yth esen ni war an fordh dhe Llanrwst yn Kembra Gledh ha my kannas sodhek rag Gorsedh Kernow orth Gorsedd Cymru.  Mes ha ni ena, pub tra o splann gans tommder an wolkom.  Pobel o lowen ragon ni bos ena orth an Eiseddfod ha moy lowen pan leversyn ni dyworth Kernow ha moy lowen hwath pan dhysksons i agan bos kernewegoryon.

Gans oll an Kembrek kewsys a-dro, y tyskis vy; Kembrek yw yeth fest bewek, tus yw lowen ragon ni assaya hy hewsel hag yma ayrgylgh a gyfyans gans an taves ma.

Unn poynt a gyfyans dhymm vy yw devydhyans oll an geryow Sowsnek kolys; ‘siop’ rag gwerthji, ‘pinc’ rudh-wynn, ‘lôn’ bownder, ‘bws’ kyttin, ‘toiled’ privedhyow, h.e.  My a lever kyfyans awos bos own dhe Gernewek bos beudhys gans Sowsnek.  Ni yw yeth dhasserghys hag nyns yw an own ma moy paranoya!  Eus edhom dhyn kavos pub ger oll mar dhyffrans dhe’n er yn Sowsnek?  Hemm yw mater rag Akademi Kernewek – yn hwir bagas bian a dus mes yth yw yndella drefen nag eus bagas bras a gernewegoryon.  Yma lavar Sowsnek ‘pysk bras yn poll bian’.  Mes gans Kembrek yma puskes bras hag ymos i yn hes Eiseddfod.

Meur an enor o dhymmo vy bos kannas kernewek ha rag henna res o dhymm bos orth ‘Swyddfa y’r Eiseddfod’, (Sodhva an Esedhvos), a-varr dhe wiska rag an solempnitys.  Yn mysk oll an dhrewydhyon, (gwisk gwynn), berdh, (gwisk glas) hag ovatyon, (gwisk gwyrdh) yth esa bagas dons ha onan anedha a wrug ow aswon vy.  Rhian Angharad Davies yw onan an para formya Magi Ann – an app bryntin rag dyski Kembrek dhe fleghes yowynk ha lemmyn Magi Ann Kernewek rag dyski fleghes vyghan Kernewek.  Agan app Magi Ann ni yw pur dha drefen bos es rag tevesigyon heb Kernewek vyth oll dhe dhyski aga fleghes.

Ass o marthys gweles koweth da omma ha ni rann solempnita Gorsedh Kembra.  Ha da ynwedh metya er bynn Rhian mar bell dyworth tre. O an Eiseddfod ughboynt gonisogethel neb bro estren po rann aral agan bro ni?

Ha my esedhys gans Bardh Meur Gorsedh Kernow yn kylgh Y Orsedd Cymru yth esen ni ow koslowes orth kows an Arghdrewydh.  Yn gwiryonedh, ny wrug vy konvedhes meur mes y klewis vy, “Say Something in Welsh”.  Yma VAT war asnodhow Kembrek mes nag eus war asnodhow Sowsnek.

Mes arta an kors Say Something in Cornish a dheuth dyworth kowetha yn Kembra, Aran Jones, (onan a’n formyoryon Say Something In). An negys ma yw a res rag dyski yethow dres oll an bys hag ynwedh skoodhyer bras a Gernewek.

Yma moy hwedhlow hwath mes diloch yn fawr iawn dhe bubonan y’n Eiseddfod, yth o da rag an enev Keltek.


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