Wanting some Cornish language small talk for your New Year’s Eve party?

We’ve put together some handy phrases to get you chatting in ‘Kernewek’ all the way to 2020. Click on the links below for spoken audio.

A wruss’ ta kavos Nadelik da?

Did you have a good Christmas?

Yma’n champagne yn yeynell

The champagne is in the fridge

Deg dhe hanter-nos yw

It’s ten to mid-night

deg, naw, eth, seyth, hwegh

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…

pymp, peswar, tri, dew, onan…

five, four, three, two, one…

Bledhen nowydh da!

Happy New Year!

Gwren ni kana Auld Lang Syne

Let’s sing Auld Lang Syne

Yma kurun spern dhymm

I’ve got a hangover

Ow erviransow bledhen nowydh

My New Year’s resolutions

My a ambos omjunya gans jym

I promise I will join a gym


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