Here is a Flag…

So, there’s this little land situated on the Island of Britain.  It has definite borders, and a good deal of them are coastal – beautiful and wild as she is.

It’s based on an ancient kingdom with a long line of historically recognised kings before becoming an earldom – but now some call it a county.

This land was Christianized and evangelised by a monk from the Island of Ireland, and as legend has it, that led to this to a national flag.  Also, this land has its own special kind of bagpipes.

Its industries are farming, fishing and mining, however it has to be said, most of the mines are closed and now it’s tourism that plays a big part in the economy.  Anyhow, tourism is promoted by a major TV series.

So, let’s give a big cheer for…  Northumberland.

OK, what was that flag again?

This is flying all about Northumbria – in garages, pubs, castles and in tourist information centres where one can buy key rings, coasters, mugs, fridge magnets… and flags, all with this design.

According to the historian Bede this was the colours that dressed St Oswald’s grave (St Aiden was the Irish monk who brought Christianity to Northumbria and it was he who founded Lindisfarne Abbey – the centre of Christianity in the country).

I must say that the Northumbrian coast is marvellously beautiful with many castles, big beaches and not over developed (sorry Cornwall Tourist Board).

It’s fascinating to see the many similarities between Northumberland and our own proud Celtic country! 

Ottomma Baner…

Ytho, yma bro vyghan war an Enys Breten yma gensi oryon diblans, ha brassa rann anedhi yw arvor – ha marthys teg ha gwyls dell ywa.

Selys yw war hen wlaskor gans linen hir myghternedh aswonys yn istoriek kyns mos ha dos yurledh – mes lemmyn nebes a lever hy bos konteth.

An vro ma o kristyonhes ha kovertys gans managh dyworth tramor a-dhyworth Enys Iwerdhon, ha herwydh henhwedhel y ro baner kenedhelek. Hag yma dhe’n vro ma pibow sagh arbennek hy honan.

Hy diwysyansow yw ammedh, pyskessa ha balweyth, mes res yw leverel bos oll an balyow skatt ha lemmyn yth yw tornyaseth rann vras a’n erbysiedh. Mes an tornyaseth yw avonsys gans kevres meur PW.

Ytho, gwren ni oll garma rag… Northumberland.

Da lowr, pyth o an baner na arta?

Yma hemma ow neyja oll a-dro Northumbri – yn karrjiow, diwottiow, kastylli hag yn kresennow kedhlow tornyaseth may hyllir prena kylgh alhwedh, strel moos, hanaf, tennven yeynell… ha baneryow, oll gans an desin ma.

Herwydh an istorier Bede hemm o an liwyow a wiskas bedh Sen Oswald, (Sen Aiden o managh iwerdhonek neb a dhros Kristonedh dhe Northumbri hag yth o ev neb a selyas Abatti Lyndysfarn – kresen a Gristonedh y’n wlas).

Res yw dhymm leverel an arvor northumbriek yw marthys teg gans lies kastel, trethow bras ha nag yw gordhisplegys (drog yw genev Kesva Dornyaseth Kernow).

Meur dhe les yw rag gweles lies tra an keth yntra Northumbri hag agan gwlas Keltek godhus ni!


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