All hands on deck! We’ve been busy mapping this year’s ‘Para Pensanns’ events.

Learn the ropes of speaking ‘Kernewek’ with our Cornish language activities and events in Penzance this spring. All are welcome to get involved, whether you are a beginner, learner or fluent Cornish speaker.

‘Lergh teylu trovyans tresor’ (Family treasure trail)

Pick up your FREE treasure map on Saturday 29th February from 1-2pm at The Exchange Gallery. Navigate around Penzance town, learning how to answer simple questions in Cornish and collecting stamps as you go. Complete the trail and celebrate with a free Cakey tea.

‘Seshyons Kernewek ha kana’ (Cornish conversations and singing sessions)

Get on board with our Cornish conversation and singing sessions on Tuesday evenings (10th-31st March) at the Admiral Benbow. The fun starts a 7pm with ‘Kernewek’ conversation, and then from 8pm it’s ‘Kana Diwotti’ (Pub Singing).

These drop-in sessions culminate in a Cornish singing expedition around the hostelries of Penzance on the evening of Friday 3rd April.

Cornish language resources

Please check this page each week, as we will be uploading relevant Cornish language resources in the section below.


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