Thinking what to write in a card can be hard. You want it to be personal, funny and heart-warming all at the same time!  

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together some common Cornish language greetings to give your card that extra special touch.  



English  Cornish 
Happy birthday  Penn-bloodh lowen 
Congratulations on your engagement   Keslowena gans agas ambosans 
Happy baby shower  Kevewi baban lowen 
Happy anniversary  Penn-bloodh demedhyans lowen 
It’s a boy / girl!  Mab / Mowesi yw 
A new baby  Baban nowydh 
Happily ever after  Yn lowen bys vykken 
Congratulations  Keslowena 
Get well soon  Bydh gwell yn skon 
Deepest sympathies   Tregeredh an downna 
Happy Mother’s Day  Dydh Mamm lowen 
Happy Father’s Day  Dydh Tas lowen 
Happy Christening   Besydhyans lowen 
Thanks  Meur ras 
I love you   My a’th kar 
Happy Valentine’s Day  Dydh Valentin lowen 
Merry Christmas  Nadelik lowen 
You are invited  Yma galow dhis 
New home  Tre nowydh 
Home sweet home  Tre hweg tre 
Congratulations on your new job  Keslowena gans dha soodh nowydh 
Good luck  Chons da 


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