Go Cornish is a dynamic and evolving online resource, for those wanting to learn or teach the Cornish language.

We aim to publish fresh and engaging content in our Latest News section, regular case studies of the Cornish language in use under Inspiration, and regular Cornish language resources in the Learn and Teach areas.

We are also constantly thinking of new ways to inspire and enable people to learn more of the Cornish language. The website you see today is only a first iteration of what we have in mind, and we have plenty of ideas up our sleeve.

Here are a few resources you should see ‘dreckly’:

  • Cornish phrase generator: A place to submit phrases and words, which will be translated into Cornish by the Go Cornish team and published in a ‘Cornish Phrase’ database for others to see.
  • Go Cornish website translation: At some point, we hope to provide a Cornish translation of most pages on this website. Our tech team are busy behind the scenes making this happen. We are testing a ‘switch language’ feature on our interview with Gwenno.
  • More Memrise
  • More Magi Ann
  • Eating in Cornish
  • Driving in Cornish
  • Resources for pre-school and nursery groups
  • Resources for secondary schools

If you have any suggestions for the future, please let us know. All feedback is gratefully received, and we are always working to ensure Go Cornish is the best that it can be.

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