How can we help you?

Would you like to make creative use of the Cornish language in your business or organisation?

We can put you in touch with Cornish language experts and community groups, to help you creatively embed the language in your branding, communications and business activities.

Our services are

  • Creative: the Cornish language, with its ever-evolving vocabulary and culturally rich heritage is both innovative and exciting.
  • Optimistic: we believe that the future of the Cornish language is bright, our communications are positive and upbeat.
  • Accessible: we know that unfamiliar languages can be intimidating. We devise ways of using Cornish that are friendly and engaging for both non-speakers and for Cornish speakers of all abilities.
  • Accurate: everything we produce is accurate (in both English and Cornish) using the Standard Written Form. This extends to all the third party resources that we recommend. You can have confidence in our expertise.

Get in touch to find out more about our Cornish language service.

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