The intention of this module is to provide a very first introduction to the Cornish language for any age/ability group.

Please do not worry about how to pronounce things: every single item of Cornish has a sound-file demonstrating pronunciation. Also, you will very quickly get the hang of how Cornish spelling and pronunciation is actually very regular and consistent (unlike English!)

0. Klappya Kynsa​ Teacher's Notes

Teacher's Notes

    1. Take the Register in Cornish

    1. PowerPoint - Take the Register in Cornish

      2. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ in Cornish

      2. Powerpoint - ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ in Cornish

        2.1 Resource - Speech Bubbles

          3. Meet & Greet in Cornish

          3. PowerPoint - Meet & Greet in Cornish

            3.1 Resource - Speech Bubbles

              3.2a Resource - Vocabulary

                3.2b Resource - Vocabulary Extension

                  4. Count to Ten in Cornish

                  4. PowerPoint - Count to Ten in Cornish

                    4.1 Resource - Number Line