• by Will Coleman

    Goolan the Seagull is always hungry. What is the best way to get something to eat?
  • This is Goolan.
    Goolan ov vy!” says Goolan, “I’m Seagull!”
    Goolan is always starving.
    Gwag ov vy!” shrieks Goolan, “I’m hungry!”

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  • Goolan sees a pollack’s head, “Gwag ov vy!” she shrieks, “I’m hungry!”
    But a great black-backed gull gets there first.

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  • Goolan chases a fishing boat, “Gwag ov vy!” she shrieks, “I’m hungry!”
    But all the other gulls get the scraps.

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  • Goolan dive-bombs the visitors, “Gwag ov vy!” she shrieks, “I’m hungry!”

    The little girl drops her chips.

    Every gull in the harbour explodes into life.

    Goolan gets bundled out of the way in the noise and confusion.

    Goolan does not get any chips.

    Gwag ov vy!” she shrieks, “I’m hungry!”

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  • Goolan huddles on a window sill to avoid the crazy flock.

    She hears Kogor talking inside the window.

    Kosel ha teg, syrra hweg!” says Kogor, “Take it easy, dear sir!”

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  • Goolan peers through the glass.

    Kogor is carefully opening the swing doors balancing seven plates of scallops in garlic.

    Kosel ha teg, syrra hweg!” says Kogor to himself, “Gently does it, dear sir!”

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  • Kosel ha teg?” whispers Goolan to herself, “Softly and gently?”

    Softly, she places her beak in the window.

    Gently, she pulls the window open.

    Carefully, she climbs inside and steps down onto the worktop.


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  • Softly, gently and carefully, Goolan stuffs herself with gorgeous garlicky scallops, marvellous mackerel in mustard and perfect peppery pilchards.

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  • Back outside, all the gulls are whirling and diving madly.

    “‘Gwag ov vy!” each one shrieks, “I’m hungry!”

    Nyns ov vy gwag” sings Goolan to herself, “I’m not hungry.

    Kosel ha teg, syrra hweg! Gently does it, dear sir!

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