Bude based video games developer, Triangular Pixels, has released their highly anticipated multiplayer virtual reality game Smash Hit Plunder to support the Cornish language.

Smash Hit Plunder is a physics-based game set in a medieval castle with sprawling surroundings and mysterious dungeons. It allows players to be a powerful mage with the freedom to explore this magical, isometric world from a first-person VR perspective.

Katie Goode, Creative Director of Triangular Pixels said: “Being based in Cornwall, we saw that it was important to support local culture. Cornwall is a magical place and was of great inspiration while making the game – and some of our levels may be recognisable to the its residents. We wanted to do our part in keeping the local language alive and allowing our neighbours read in their own language.”

Smash Hit Plunder re dhegemeras seulabrys merkyans breusel gans Eurogramer yn unn leverel ‘yma chons da rag bos onan an gwella gwariow PSVR’, yma VR Focus ow leverel bos an gwaripols gwir a flogh yn gwerthji hwegennowha Game Reactor y henwel ‘omres ha teg’.

Smash Hit Plunder has already received critical acclaim with Eurogamer saying it ‘stands a very good chance of being one of the very best PSVR Games’, VR Focus saying the game is ‘a true kid in a candy store moment’ and Game Reactor calling it ‘addictive and beautiful’.

You can buy the game from PSN, GAME or Amazon.


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