Go Cornish gives young people across Cornwall the opportunity to embrace their own sense of Cornishness, learn a little of the place in which they live and to contribute to the future of our unique language. 

Here are the benefits of Go Cornish for the young people at your school:

  • It’s fun! – Go Cornish is all about children, their teachers and families having fun with the Cornish language.
  • It grows brains – Language learning has been scientifically proven to improve thinking skills and memory abilities. Bilingual students concentrate better, ignoring distractions and thinking more creatively regardless of which language they learn.
  • It deepens connection to other cultures – Having a greater understanding of our own language and culture fosters an appreciation for the traditions and languages of others.
  • It boosts confidence – Being out of your comfort zone and making mistakes is all part of language learning. The upside is the incredible sense of achievement your young people feel when they can converse with someone else in Cornish.

Here are some reasons why your school should Go Cornish:

  • To demonstrate commitment to Ofsted’s ‘cultural capital’ – Introduced in September 2019, ‘cultural capital’ now features prominently in the Ofsted’s school inspection framework. In part, it encourages teachers to value and celebrate the backgrounds, traditions and languages that children and their families may bring, whilst exposing them to new and culturally enriching experiences.
  • To celebrate the Cornish language – The Cornish language is alive! All around Cornwall there are place names, businesses and communities that see the language as an important part of Cornish identity. Go Cornish provides your school with ways to use and enjoy the language with pupils, parents and the local community.
  • To embrace our Cornish culture – There is a calendar of traditions and events across Cornwall that embrace the language and contribute to Cornwall’s distinctive cultural identity. By having an appreciation of the Cornish language, we can all gain a greater sense of place and cultural awareness.
  • To cultivate an international Cornish identity – Cornish is one of six Celtic languages and more than 60 minority languages spoken across Europe and thousands around the globe. Go Cornish celebrates our Cornish language whilst providing learners with a Celtic community and international identity that goes far beyond the Cornish shores.
  • To join in – To join in with all the other schools getting on board, find your Go Cornish neighbour on the map above: