Go Cornish is a two year, rolling award designed to be flexible and fit around your school day.

This means that you can apply for your award as soon as you think your school has met the required criteria, whether that’s in six months, one year or the full two years.

To share your success with pupils, families and the wider community we have created a handy celebration pack. Once you’ve achieved your badge and celebrated, it is yours for two years. You can then decide whether you’re going to maintain it or progress to the next award level.

Remember, Go Cornish provides you with everything you need to reach Bronze.


The Go Cornish Cycle

1. Register Your School

Firstly, you’ll need to register your school here. All you need to do is complete and submit a short ‘Statement of Commitment’ and form which allows us to collect key contacts and basic information about your school.

2. Welcome CPD Session

Once you have registered for Go Cornish, we will send you your Go Cornish School Badge for you to display on your website. It can also be used in your school prospectus, on newsletters, email footers etc.

You will also attend either one of our live online introductory welcome sessions or a pre-recorded session.

The session will:

  • Explain the Bronze criteria and how you can meet it.
  • Unpack our bank of learning resources that will help you bring the Cornish language to life.
  • Offer advice on engaging your whole school in the learning process.
  • Suggest how to celebrate and share your progress with us and other Go Cornish schools.
  • Tell you about what support is available throughout the process.
  • Present the ‘Kryw Kernewek’ (Cornish Crew) and how pupils can contribute ideas, engage peers and help demonstrate the school’s commitment.
  • Explain how to complete the ‘Run Around Survey’ and your award assessment.

3. Access the Go Cornish Portal

We will send you your login for the Go Cornish portal which has everything you need to get started. It is also where you will find our fantastic learning resources all ready to deliver as PowerPoint slides with audio clips wherever there is any Cornish. So, no need to worry about pronunciation.

4. Deliver Go Cornish

Once you have shared the Go Cornish resources with your colleagues, the fun can begin. You will start with the run-around survey which is great for getting the children involved and motivated from the very beginning and helps us evaluate your progress.

Pupils play an important role in the programme through the Kryw Kernewek (Cornish Crew). This is really light touch at the Bronze level but grows with you as a school as you progress through the awards.

When you are ready, at any point in the two years, you can complete the online assessment.

Our team of fluent Cornish speakers and practitioners are available for support every step of the way.

5. Share Your Success

Your school will receive a digital badge, issued by Cornwall Council, along with information about how to access it in multiple formats. Your badge can then be displayed in various settings such as on your website, brochures and around school.

Finally, we will help mark your achievement by providing you with a ‘How to Celebrate’ pack full of good ideas and useful ways to share your success. This will include example press releases, social media posts and announcement templates.

Download Go Cornish brochure