Go Cornish is a two year, rolling award designed to be flexible, to fit around your school day and have a low admin time burden.

It is a whole school programme and so you will need the support of your Head Teacher to register.   

But once you are registered it is up to you to set the pace that is right for your school. You can apply for your award as soon as you think your school has met the required criteria, whether that’s in six months, one year or the full two years. 

Remember, Go Cornish provides you with everything you need to reach Bronze.

How to register

After you have registered your school, we will provide you with access to Go Cornish portal and a link to a Champion website orientation video. This video will unpack the Bronze criteria and how you can meet it. But it will also show you some of the resources on offer and explain how you will be evidencing and applying for your award. 

Our School Engagement Officer will also be in touch and they will arrange a time to chat to you to find out a bit more about you and your school. But they will also share with you the ‘Staff Briefing’ video, this will introduce Go Cornish to your entire school staff team. 

After using the video to tell the school team about Go Cornish, and importantly before you start delivering or even talking to the children about Go Cornish, we need you to carry out the Run Around survey.This is just five very simple questions, but provides us with the baseline data that our funders, Cornwall Council, need to continue to fund the programme and allows us to track your journey. 

Once we have your Run Around Survey results you will get an email from Credly containing a link to your digital Go Cornish School Badge which must go on your website and then the fun can begin!. 

Your journey starts with ‘Klappya Kynsa’ / First Chat, and this needs to be delivered by every teacher to each class. But don’t panic this is not a full lesson, it is broken down into blocks deliverable in 5-10 minutes. It’s about little and often and we guarantee that after just one or two sessions both you and the children will be able to greet each other and take the register in Cornish. 

And REMEMBER there is no need to be able to speak Cornish. All resources have a sound file wherever there is Kernewek / Cornish. That way you don’t have to worry about pronunciation. 

After this it’s up to you to decide who is delivering what, based on what is right in your school. 

We’ve you are ready to apply for your Bronze badge we’ve minimised the time burden, so there are no case studies or essay answers to write.   

Instead, we ask for your evidence in the form of pictures, video and audio. So, we suggest you make yourself an electronic folder from day one and save your evidence as you go. 

We also get the children involved using the Kryw Kernewek checklist, which has been created in the style of a treasure hunt around the school, to discover what they can see and hear. 

Once you have submitted your assessment, you will be notified about your Go Cornish Award within four weeks. Hopefully then, you’ll just need to celebrate your success, and decide if you are going to stick at Bronze and further embed Go Cornish in your school or try for Silver.   

There will be no pressure from us though, as the programme is designed to build and grow over time. We are always on hand to help and support you.