Registration is simple and will take you no longer than 15 minutes. However, if you are not the Headteacher it is essential you get their support before registering.

Go Cornish is a whole school programme which means some delivery is going to have to take place in every class. This is why your Headteacher’s support is essential if you are to be successful.

We have created some tools to help you talk to your Headteacher and downloading a copy of the Go Cornish brochure is a great place to start.

Download Go Cornish brochure

All of these tools can be found on this one page, so we suggest that you work through them with your Headteacher or send them a link to this page.

The video below is just over 1-minute long and is a top-level overview of Go Cornish.

‘Still’, we hear you say, ‘why would we take this on when we are already so stretched’, here are just a few reasons to get involved:

  • FREE – It’s free to all primary schools
  • Ofsted’s Cultural Capital – a framework that clearly evidences your commitment
  • Modern Foreign Language – some schools have embedded it as their MFL
  • Cognitive Benefits – language learning is good for brains
  • Outward-Looking – framed as an international programme
  • Low Time Burden – everything you need to get Bronze is “in the box”
  • For Non-Cornish Speakers – designed with non-speakers in mind
  • Level Playing Field – something rather special about all learning together
  • Not All Language – resources include games, songs, rhymes and cross curricular topics like mining, Cornish hedges etc.


Don’t believe us? Have a listen to our Artistic Director Will Coleman:

Due to the overwhelming success of the programme since launching in 2021 we’re operating a waiting list of schools at the moment, while we work hard on supporting the large number of schools already signed up. Express your interest in registering by submitting the form below and we’ll get in touch when we have space to accept new school registrations dreckly!