The Go Cornish assessment has been designed to be as time efficient, low impact and enjoyable as possible.  

We have even tried to minimise the time burden when you come to apply for your Bronze badge. There are no case studies or essay answers to write. 

Instead, we ask for your evidence in the form of pictures, video and audio. So, we suggest you make yourself an electronic folder from day one and save your evidence as you go. 

We also get the children involved using the Kryw Kernewek checklist, which has been created in the style of a treasure hunt around the school, to discover what they can see and hear. 


Receiving Your Go Cornish Award 

Once you have submitted your assessment, you will be notified about your Go Cornish Award within four weeks.

Hopefully you then just need to celebrate your success and decide if you are going to stick at Bronze and further embed Go Cornish in your school or try for Silver.   

There will be no pressure from us though, as the programme is designed to build and grow over time.  

And REMEMBER we are always on hand to help and support you.