The Go Cornish assessment has been designed to be as time efficient, low impact and enjoyable as possible.  

You will evidence progress throughout your journey by sharing pictures and videos through our private Facebook group for Go Cornish schools. Once you think you have completed all of the criteria in the relevant award you should download and print the Kryw Kernewek (Cornish Crew) check list. It’s then up to your Kryw Kernewek to watch, listen, ask and find examples for each of the questions asked. This is a simple tick box form, but we would love it if they took some pictures and videos along the way.   

You are also required  to repeat the ‘Run Around Survey’ that you did when you signed up to Go Cornish.  

The form can then be inputted on our website along with any photos or extra evidence for one of our Go Cornish team to review. It really is that easy!  

Receiving Your Go Cornish Award 

Once you have submitted your assessment questionnaire and evidence, you will be notified about your Go Cornish Award within four weeks. Your school will receive a digital badge, along with information about how to access it in multiple formats. Your badge can then be displayed in various settings such as on your website, brochures and around school. 

Finally, we will help mark your achievement by providing you with a ‘How to Celebrate’ pack full of good ideas and useful ways to share your success. This will include example press releases, social media posts and announcement templates. 

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