Word Tango is a fresh new word puzzle experience that you can play in Kernewek!

The rules are fun and very simple: the game shows words with missing letters. Letters can be dragged to the empty positions to complete the words. Find all the correct words and proceed to the next level.

You can play in Cornish, with the translations of the words shown after you complete the level. It’s a fantastic way to practise your Kernewek and expand your vocabulary.

You can download the app on Apple and Android.

Keslowena dhywgh hwi OLL rag an ober marthys ma gans app Magi Ann Kernewek – ny allav vy krysi bos an dra ow pos! Yth yw mar bosek yn istori an yeth, hag yth yw mar vrav gans ow mab ynwedh. Meur ras BRAS!” 

“Congratulations to you ALL for the amazing work with the Magi Ann Kernewek app – I can’t believe that such a thing exists! It is so important in the history of the language, and it is so great with my son as well. Big FAT thank you!”



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