Do you want to Zoom a bit of Cornish with your friends? Golden Tree Productions is delighted to announce the launch of our new Go Cornish ‘WJEC Entry Level Cornish’ materials to get you chatting away in Kernewek.

Commissioned by Cornwall Council, WJEC has been designed for delivery in community settings to help people achieve a basic level of conversational Cornish within 10-12 hours of learning time. Plus, there isn’t any written element to the resources, just lots of great chat in ‘Kernewek’ (Cornish)!

Each session is kicked off with a short film of ‘Kows ha Flows’ (Chat and Nonsense), followed up with simple activities. The intention is you can assign one member of your Zoom call or learner group as leader, even if they have limited Cornish language or teaching experience. However, learners do need to be assessed by an approved assessor.

Click here to access the WJEC learning resources and get started on your Cornish language learning adventure.


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