The Go Cornish ‘WJEC Entry Level Cornish’ materials are designed to be delivered in community settings and to help learners achieve a basic level of conversation within 10-12 hours of learning time.

Each session is kicked-off with a short film ‘Kows ha Flows’ (Chat and Nonsense) and followed up with simple activities. The intention is that the sessions can be delivered even if the leader themselves has limited Cornish language or teaching experience. However, learners do need to be assessed by an approved assessor.

Many adult community classes now offer WJEC Entry level as a first step for beginners to build confidence before tackling the Kesva Grade 1 syllabus as the assessment for this qualification is in spoken Cornish only (no written papers).

To find a WJEC teacher or class near you please contact the Cornish Language Office, [email protected].

‘Omlowenha!’ (Enjoy!)


1. Meet and Greet

2. How’s the Weather?

3. Likes and Dislikes

4. Numbers to 10

5. What are you doing?

6. What do you want?


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