Imagine how infuriating it is when your phone automatically changes ‘myttin da!’ (good morning!) to ‘mutton day!’.

There is good news for Cornish speakers who have long been wrestling with autocorrect on their mobile phones.

Mark Trevethan, Cornish Language Lead for Cornwall Council, has been working with Microsoft’s SwiftKey mobile app to create a Cornish keypad for iPhone and Android. The app enables mobile phone users to send and receive messages in Cornish, without the default English autocorrect function getting in the way. The technology incorporates language mutations and adapts according to the common word usage of the individual user.

Having grown up in Cornwall, Mark sees learning the language as an important part of Cornish identity and has played a significant role in the Cornish language revival taking place across the UK.

“Dell grysav vy, gwithans an yeth yw posek, rag gwitha an yeth yn few rag fleghes ha’ga theylu termyn a dheu”

“I believe that protection of the language is important, to keep the language alive for future generations”

Mark Trevethan, Cornwall Council

Download SwiftKey for iOS and Android.


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