Last week, the Go Cornish team visited Nancledra Pre-School for Magi Ann’s birthday party.

The children learnt some Cornish language with the ‘Magi Ann Kernewek’ (Cornish Magi Ann) app, and enjoyed cream teas and activities with a very special surprise guest – Magi Ann herself!

Winner of ‘Best Educational Project’ at the 2017 National Lottery Awards, Magi Ann is an app developed by Menter Iaith Flintshire to support children and parents/carers who are learning Welsh for the first time. Go Cornish have now worked with the Magi Ann team to provide a series of 12 simple stories to help your child learn Cornish. Read along, listen and tap on the words to hear the pronunciation and to see an English translation

You can download the app on Apple and Android.

Inspiring the next generation of Cornish language learners

“Lowender o oberi gans para Magi Ann dhe wul app Cornish Magi Ann Kernewek rag kyns-skol, meythrinva ha dyski teylu. Ni a garsa leverel meur ras dhe’n Gwari-dall Kenedhlek [National Lottery] rag gul an gevren ma possybyl, ha gans agan gwiasva Go Cornish, yma’n app ma, seulabrys ow ri awen dhe nessa henedh a dhallethoryon Gernewek.”

“It has been a pleasure working with the Magi Ann team to create the Cornish Magi Ann Kernewek app, for pre-school, nursery and family learning. We are very grateful to the National Lottery for making this relationship possible, and along with our new Go Cornish website, this app is already inspiring the next generation of Cornish language learners.”

— Will Coleman, Director of Golden Tree



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