The Golden Tree Productions team were delighted to receive a Gorsedh Kernow 2021 Testskrif a Aswonvos / Certificate of Recognition for our WJEC Entry Level Cornish resources.

The Gorsedh Kernow Awards seek to foster and promote the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall, through awards for outstanding creative and community work that expresses Cornish identity and culture, something that underpins our work here at Golden Tree Productions.

These awards are designed to celebrate creative or community work that is exceptional, whether by scope, scale, duration or reach which is why we feel so proud to have received recognition for our digital WJEC Entry Level Cornish resources.

Commissioned by Cornwall Council, WJEC has been designed to help people achieve a basic level of conversational Cornish within only 10-12 hours of learning time. There are no written elements to the resources, just lots of simple activities and great chat in ‘Kernewek’ Cornish. As Will Coleman, Artistic Director of Golden Tree Productions says: Gwren ni dalleth dhe omlowenhe gans Kernewek!’ / Let’s start having fun with Cornish!

Many adult community classes now offer WJEC Entry level as a first step, for beginners to build confidence before tackling the Kesva Grade 1 syllabus.

To find a WJEC teacher or class near you please contact the Cornish Language Office, [email protected] or find our WJEC Entry Level resources online here. 


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