School Engagement Officer joins the crew to support growing programme 

Nowodhow da! / Good news! The success of the Go Cornish for Primary Schools programme means we’ve expanded the team, to support the growing number of schools who’ve come on board. 

There are now 23 schools across Cornwall actively engaged in the programme, which means more than 4,000 pupils are having fun with the Cornish language – with lots of additional schools signed up and ready to get started.  

“Yma moy ha moy skolyow ow tos a-ji, owth omlowenhe gans an taves Kernewek” 

 “More and more schools are getting on board, having fun with the Cornish language.” 

Nia Robertson has just joined the Golden Tree Productions (masterminds of the Go Cornish programme commissioned by Cornwall Council) crew as the School Engagement Officer. This is a brand-new role, designed to support Go Cornish Champions and Teachers on their Cornish language journey. 

Nia was born and brought up in Wales and is a fluent Welsh language speaker. She studied at Cardiff University and has a BA in Welsh Literature and Education. She also has a PGCE and was a primary school teacher for over 20 years. Nia moved to Cornwall in 2014 and was previously working with Cornwall Council’s Education Library Service so she’s familiar with the network of amazing Primary Schools in Cornwall. Now, she’s joining the crew part-time and learning Cornish, helping us to make sure that all the Go Cornish resources are teacher-friendly from a new learner’s point of view. 

The Go Cornish School Engagement Officer will be visiting signed-up schools, providing Champions with one-to-one support to enable them to deliver the free programme and embed Cornish language into the everyday within their school community! The programme has been designed so that teachers don’t need to speak Cornish themselves at entry level, it requires little time commitment or admin and now there’s dedicated support for schools who want to celebrate the Cornish language. 

Gwren ni y wul! / Let’s do it! 

Click here to find out more about Go Cornish for Primary Schools.


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