If you live or work around Truro in Cornwall, you may have noticed the bus departure lounge at Lemon Quay has had a bit of a makeover.

Working alongside First Kernow buses, we have brightened the walls with illustrations and useful phrases so you can learn a smidgen of Cornish whilst waiting for the bus. If you’d like to hear these phrases in spoken Cornish, we’ve compiled a list below. Happy learning!

Go Cornish whilst waiting for the bus

Pyth yw hemma?
What’s this?

Gwra pesya gans an ober splann
Keep up the good work

Wolkom os ta
You’re welcome

Pandr’a vynn’ ta eva?
What do you want to drink?

Pyth yw dha hanow?
What’s your name?

Ple’ma’n diwotti?
Where is the pub?

Ober da
Proper job

Fatel yw an gewer?
How’s the weather?

Py eur yw?
What is the time?

A vynn’ ta kavos koffi?
Fancy a coffee?

Chons da!
Good luck!

Penn-bloodh lowen!
Happy birthday!

Pyth a wren ni kavos rag te?
What shall we have for tea?

Prys hir heb gweles
Long time no see

Da yw genev hy minhwarth
I like her smile

Py liw yw?
What colour is it?

Eson ni ogas ena hwath?
Are we nearly there yet?

Res yw dhymm pisa
I need a wee

Boos chinek?
Fancy a Chinese?

Gorta unn pols
Hang on a minute

Hanter cider mar pleg
Half a pint of cider please

My a’th kar
I love you

My a wra dehweles
I’ll be right back

Ober da yw an pasti ma!
Proper job pasty yew!

Drog yw genev dha woderri
Sorry to bother you

Gwra pellgewsel!
Give us a call

Gwren ni mos rag hansel
Let’s go for breakfast

My a wra kavos dew sugra
I’ll have two sugars

Gwell bos diwedhes ages nevra
Better late than never

Eus nebonan owth esedha omma?
Is anyone sitting here?


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