What are your favourite activities? From talking a good game about your favourite sports to making a song and dance about your musical artistry, we’ve got you covered.

Click on the links below to hear the spoken Cornish.

Cornish English
Rugbi Rugby
Peldros Football
Krycket Cricket
Pelros Netball
Hocki Hockey
Tennis Tennis
Sethigow Darts
Poll Pool
Pelganstell Basketball
Karate Karate
Judo Judo
Piano Piano
Gitar Guitar
Krowd Violin
Pibow sagh Bagpipes
Telyn Harp
Kroder kroghen Bodhran
Tabouryow Drums
Faborden Bass
Saksofon Saxiphone
Hwibanowl Whistle
Trompa Trumpet

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to learn the Cornish language, check out our Go Cornish course on the Decks by Memrise website.


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