The nights are growing longer and the days are getting colder, which can only mean one thing: Winter is here! Try our fun festive phrases for a very Cornish Christmas. If you’re on a countdown to Christmas check our numbers phrasebook.

Click on the links below to hear the spoken Cornish.

Cornish  English 
Nadelik Lowen!  Merry Christmas! 
Pastigow brewgik dentethyel yw  They are delicious mince pies 
Tamm yeyn yw  It’s a little chilly 
Gwren ni mos kana karolyow  Let’s go carol singing 
A wruss’ ta kavos Nadelik da?  Did you have a good Christmas? 
Mis Kevardhu  December 
A vynn’ ta kavos banna gwin tomm?  Would you like some mulled wine? 
Eus keus?  Is there any cheese? 
Nadelik yw pympes warn ugens Mis Kevardhu  Christmas is the twenty fifth of December 
Kelynnen Holly
Idhyow Ivy
Ughelvarr Mistletoe
Klegh Bells
Gwedhen Nadelik Christmas tree
El Angel
Karow Deer
Podyn Nadelik Christmas Pudding
Tesen Nadelik Christmas Cake
Torth jynjyber Gingerbread
Chi torth jynjyber Gingerbread house
Yar Gyni Turkey
Steren Star
Bugeledh Shepherds
Tri myghtern Three kings
Owr, frankynkys ha myrr Gold, frankincense and myrrh
Presep Manger
Marghti Stable
Rohow Presents
Tas Nadelik Father Christmas
Tegennow Baubles
Afinansow Decorations
Kres Peace
Ergh Snow
Den ergh Snowman
Yttew Nadelik Yule Log
Kartennow Nadelik Christmas Cards
Kanoryon Karolyow Carol Singers
Chymbla Chimney
Unn Rugyarik yn Perbren A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Draylell Sleigh
Loder Stocking
Wassel Wassail
Garlont Wreath

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to learn the Cornish language, check out our Go Cornish course on the Decks by Memrise website or find out about our work with Primary Schools here.


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