Would you like to celebrate your birthday in ‘Kernewek’? Whether you’re sending good wishes or enjoying your special day, you can join the party by using these phrases in Cornish.

Click on the audio links below to hear the spoken Cornish.

January Mis Genver
February Mis Hwevrer
March Mis Meurth
April Mis Ebrel
May Mis Me
June Mis Metheven
July Mis Gortheren
August Mis Est
September Mis Gwynngala
October Mis Hedra
November Mis Du
December Mis Kevardhu
Happy birthday Penn-bloodh lowen
What day is your birthday? Py dydh yw dha benn-bloodh?
My birthday is… Ow fenn-bloodh yw …
What day is Lowena’s birthday? Py dydh yw penn-bloodh Lowena?
Her birthday is… Hy fenn-bloodh yw…
What day is Jowan’s birthday? Py dydh yw penn-bloodh Jowan?
His birthday is… Y benn-bloodh yw…
St Piran’s day is the fifth of March Dydh Sen Peran yw pympes, Mis Meurth
Christmas is the twenty fifth of December Nadelik yw pympes warn ugens Mis Kevardhu


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