The basics of talking about classroom objects in Cornish. Click on the links below to hear the spoken audio.

What is here? Pyth eus omma?
What was here? Pyth esa omma?
What is there? Pyth eus ena?
What was there? Pyth esa ena?
What is on the table? Pyth eus war an voos?
What was on the table? Pyth esa war an voos?
There is … here Yma … omma
There was … here Yth esa … omma
There is … there Yma … ena
There was … there Yth esa … ena
There is … on the table Yma … war an voos
There was … on the table Yth esa … war an voos
Book Lyver
Pen Pluven
Bag Sagh
Paper Paper
Dictionary Gerlyver
Table Moos
Chair Kador
Ruler Rewlell
Pencil Pluven blomm

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