Welcome to the first of our ‘lyvrow lavarow’ (phrase books). Over the coming months, we will publish useful words and phrases to get you chatting in Cornish.

First up, here are some basic greetings. Click on the links below to hear the spoken audio.

Cornish English
Dydh da Hello
Fatla genes? How’s it going with you?
Fatel os ta? How are you?
Da lowr Okay
Da Good
Pur dha Very good
Yn poynt da Very well
Splann Splendid
Ha ty? And you?
Duw genes Good bye
Dha weles See you
Meur ras Thank you
Mar pleg Please


If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to learn the Cornish language, check out our Go Cornish course on the Decks by Memrise website.


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